Dates of interest

Easter dates

201420 April.20 April.
201512 April.5 April.
20161 May.27 March.
201716 April.16 April.
20188 April.1 April.
201928 April.21 April.
202019 April.12 April.




Description of the Programme

Each European Egg has a code, this is the egg identity card; it shows information on the egg, the rearing system and the date that the egg is best used by. There are four (4) different categories of EU eggs, all are safe and all are marked for your information and convenience.

European eggs are marked for your choice!

Do you know that the TRACEABILITY SYSTEM protects us?

  • Each European egg producer receives a personal identification number, being registered by their National Authority responsible for food safety control in accordance with the Directive1999/74/EC. This record system enables the tracking of every European egg back to the production plant.
  • Within the EU, the food safety control systems are managed by each of the Member States and coordinated at EU level. Veterinary and inspection officers have the responsibility to check European eggs (and hens) safety, animal welfare and hygiene standards, including the egg packaging, labelling, transport and distribution processes.